Recently, I’ve been amazed by rough textures, uneven buildings and surfaces in photos… so I searched my whole neighborhood for rough subjects and started taking pictures.

(c) Robin Estargo
(c) Robin Estargo

I just took this one a while ago. This building is so tall that I had to warp the photo a little bit to make the building straight since I shot it at a lower angle. I was going to retain its color but I decided to make it black and white to highlight its old and haunted feel.

The next photo is the one I took yesterday. I forgot my slippers inside the house and stepped on a concrete floor.
I guess forgetting them was good since bare feet on a concrete floor is better. I raised the contrast of the original photo, and now it looks like I’m stepping on a map of a city with city lights at night.

(c) Robin Estargo
(c) Robin Estargo

Hope you also find roughness pleasant and smoooooth… R


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