Yesterday, I went to Booksale and discovered Wonderland.  Seriously, there’s a shelf at the very bottom of the store where they keep back issues of comics, music charts, and magazines and sell it for only ₱ 10 EACH. Some of them range from ₱ 10 to ₱ 30. As a book/magazine lover and a cheap bastard, I made the most of it and bought four mags that usually cost ₱ 120 each or more.

Here’s what I got:

Vermont Life (spring 2012)

  • Price: ₱ 10
  • Why i bought it: Photo essay, Vermont culture.

Vermont is the state that I can easily spot on the map because of its trapezoid shape, like a V. Even though I recognize this state, I pretty much know nothing about its culture, and what better way to learn than through a photo essay.

Esquire (April 2014)


  • Price: ₱ 30
  • Why i bought it: Jimmy Kimmel, The Life List.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of my favorite late night talk show hosts, alongside Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon.

The Life List is a list of the things a man should do before he dies. Another reason why I bought this.

The List includes 84 random things. Most of them are dangerous, cringeworthy, some of them are about fucking and drugs, but all of them are awesome.

jeenyuhsrobin.wordpress.comUmm… no.

I will, I will.

Elektro (fall 2013)

  • Price: ₱ 10
  • Why i bought it: EDM, Martin Garrix, Avicii.

I have an interest in electronic dance music. I love how it sounds and how alive I feel whenever I hear it. My favorite DJs are Avicii, Madeon, Zedd, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack.

jeenyuhsrobin.wordpress.comOh, and also Hardwell. Go Hardwell or go home.

Writer’s Digest (July/August 2014)

  • Price: ₱ 28
  • Why i bought it: The Creativity Issue

This “Creativity Issue” gives you tips on how to make your writings more powerful, how to find inspiration, and…

There were more mags in there, but it’s hard to find good stuff in a messy haystack.

Bye. R


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