Since I was a little kid in kindergarten, my mother tells me that she will send me to the best university. I’ve always wandered around and wondered, doing all of these incredible things during my time in preschool, elementary, and high school. I’ve been learning and re-learning, and all throughout those thinking, there was always the word “college” in the back of my mind.

My first understanding of a “college” is it is just another level of education. I was expecting that math here will be really hard. When I graduated elementary, I thought of high school as something scary and intense when it comes to studying.

Now that I graduated high school, I think of college as something scarier and more intense.

A year ago, I applied to five universities; four of those universities are the “Big 4” of the country. All of the four are among the top 300 Asian Universities, while the fifth one is like an extended college of one of the four. This college isn’t really proving much when it comes to university rankings, but I applied for it, just in case I don’t get accepted into one of the Big 4.

I trained really hard on mathematics, science, etc. I also learned how to manipulate questions and shortcuts on answering hard problems. I was really equipped when my first admission test day came. After months of taking tests, I finally was at my last admission test: the fifth one, or as I call it, “The Back-up” university. This test was the easiest one for me, even if I didn’t get to study the week before.

After a few months, results came rushing in. Turns out, I didn’t need “The Back-up.” I got accepted in all five. All five.

I also applied for scholarship grants but got rejected in all universities, except for The Back-up. In that university, I did not apply for any scholarship grant. They awarded me the best scholarship they can offer. (It truly is the best, and I was in awe about this. I still am in awe today.)

Day and night, I had been thinking about what university I’ll go to. I went on campus tours, seminars, orientations… but the university that really stood out to me was The Back-up.

I must admit: I underestimated completely this college. This place is cool and innovative, the professors are cheeky and fun to listen to, and the people are so nice. This college really represents the creative side of me that interests me. I felt that this was perfect and the one for me.

After much deliberation, I decided to go to The Back-up. Ever since I made that decision, there is no moment that I spend thinking of maybe I went to the wrong college. Apparently, it’s true what they say: don’t go to the best college in town, go to the best college for you. 

Now, the only problem I am facing is how to move to college. I’ll blog about that later.

not my image, credits to the owner


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