Disney and Pixar never fail to impress. “Inside Out” may be their most creative and innovative movie yet! This is the best movie of the year! Exclamation point! I am screaming like a child inside because of the awesomeness–and I’m a 17-year-old guy!

Before I saw the film, I was expecting a lot from Disney and Pixar. Indiewire, a very famous website among filmmakers, made this movie a “lock” in their Oscar predictions for Best Picture. Disney movies, in collaboration with Pixar, often receive nods when it comes to awards for their creative take on things. They witness, they think, and they relay it into animation magic.

“Inside Out” is not only creative (and by the way, the filmmakers pushed themselves to the limit on the creative side of the film), it is innovative, too. But first, I’ll explain how overwhelmed I am about the creativity of the film.

(Spoilers Ahead! But mostly it’s all chatter, and please bookmark and read this again after watching the film 🙂 It would be really awesome!)

The writers, the animators, the producers, the directors, the artists… all of them did an amazing job! The way they portrayed how people think and feel into these tiny characters in our head was just pure genius! How amazing it is to make the audience think really deeply about how they think. How genius it is to portray the little things we do and think, into a story involving five emotions and feelings, working together to create a mind that works.

I watched an interview on E! about how the animators thought of each feeling and emotion as a person. Joy, of course, would always be happy, bubbly, and simply joyful. Amy Poehler had the perfect voice for the character. Sadness… you know how you feel blue sometimes. I remember Phyllis Smith as Cameron Diaz’ co-teacher in “Bad Teacher”. She stood out to me because of her personality portrayed in the film; absolutely no confidence but an aspiring and hopeful teacher. Her voice was perfect! Big fan! Meanwhile, Anger is a box and color red, with fire bursting from his head! (well, that rhymed!) Lewis Black, spot on! Disgust is disgusted, but perfect (Mindy Kaling). Finally, Bill Hader as the voice of Fear. Most of the time, when we think of someone who is not that brave, we think of someone who is thin, a nerd with glasses. Not to be mean but that’s what we picture, or at least that’s what movies tell us how they all look like. But anyway, Fear was animated and designed greatly!

First, the characters; Second, the setting. Disney and Pixar did a “Wreck-It Ralph” on this, but in a unique way. Imagination land. The islands. The headquarters. The long-term memory. Everything! The setting perfectly represents our mind and how the way we think and remember things. It matches the whole setting, like how each of our personality, likes, hobbies, and characteristics is like an island inside our minds, with a core memory, being the foundation. The Train of Thoughts perfectly represents how we remember memories and facts that we recall in our everyday lives. It astonishingly, and emotionally, lets us view how an old imaginary friend from childhood is forgotten.

Third, the plot. The story is really unbelievable. It seems impossible to write the story down instantly in one take, but how the flow was so carefully crafted and thought on for years was genuine and made it possible to film. Ta-da! You have a movie!

It is crazy to think how Disney and Pixar came up with this. Imagine a teacher telling her class, “Okay, get your crayons and paper and draw how the world inside your mind works!” A child draws a train, an Imagination Land, people who operate your mind, etc. and someone grabs the paper from the child and hands it over to a Disney executive, saying, “Let’s turn this into a movie!”

We’re done with the creative side. Now, let’s move on to the innovation of animation.

We saw a lot of animated films over the years. From “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces” (1906) to “Inside Out” (2015), all of them have this unique hand that grabs children into a magical world, but what makes “Inside Out” stand out among the wide range of animated motion pictures is its humor, and also its cinematography.

“Inside Out” offers nothing more but a rollercoaster of emotions. Just like the characters, we felt joy all throughout the movie; felt sad when the time came for an old friend to fade; fear for what’s to come. We never felt disgusted while watching it. We also never felt angry.

The movie offered a variety of humor. It’s the usual Disney humor that we see in past films, but in this film, it got even more funnier. In the credits, it says “Additional Dialogue by Amy Poehler, Bill Hader…” Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s truly funny! I can’t stop laughing inside the cinema. People thought I’m crazy. Also, I can’t stop singing “Triple-Dent Gum” in the car on the way home.

Another thing I noticed: in the part when Riley runs away, there is this shaky camera effect that was really cool. Didn’t expect that from an animated film.

Until now, I still cannot get over the fact that I watched, probably now, one of the greatest films of all time awhile ago. “Inside Out” is truly spectacular! Academy Award for Best Picture right here!


Also, I loved the short film before the start of “Inside Out” called “Lava”.



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