We write until we feel that we have fully expressed ourselves, yet it is still confined to the boundaries and rules of how to comprehend properly. We please the reader but we can’t please ourselves.
For almost four months, I have been inactive with blogging. I stopped because I felt like I needed, not wanted, to improve the way I curate content for “Jeenyuhs!” At first, the goal was to be jeenyuhs (genius)… but I thought, “What’s more than being jeenyuhs?”

So, for four months, I have been plotting out and making new content, composing a journal of life and ideas about life, as disclosed by photos, films, and words, without conformity to social norms and political correctness.
The goal is now to be ingenious, meaning to be creative, original and innovative… but other than that, we should not be limited and confined with the rules and what we have, and spelling the word as “injeenyuhs” is intentional. We should rebel when we write.

New post every Friday.

Contributions from guest-authors will be accepted soon. Stay tuned for deets.


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