Last week, we were tasked to create something that leans on our assigned topic. “Finding one’s sense of purpose” is the topic that we picked, and we chose to create a poster about it.

Our poster is simply a girl trying to ‘suck in’ or reach her purpose. The rays are composed of seven sections.

The first one, the reddish ray, is the section where we represent the concept of acknowledging first your inner self. The second is about finding yourself. The third ray is relaying that once you’ve found yourself, you express it through your outer self, and eventually, in the fourth ray, your talents, hobbies, and passions will show. The remaining three is about sharing your talents in the needs of your relatives, friends, and others.

The notion of our poster is about defining what really is an individual’s purpose. Is it to him/herself? Is it for others? One might understand that purpose comes from within, but really, the reason why we people are doing the things that we do everyday is because we want to make an impact on other people’s lives.

This abstraction is extracted from a video we saw about a father trying to make his physically-challenged son’s dream of completing triathlons come true.

Dick Hoyt found his purpose: to help his son reach his independently unreachable dream, and it was made.

See, purpose is not only through one’s self. The typical and common assimilation of self purpose has been about the personal side of things, but in growing understanding, we also shed light on the opposite.

Purpose is for all. Purpose is possessed by all. Purpose is received by all.

We are heroes in others, and others are our heroes… but they all start individually.



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