It’s funny to think that we are coming up with a million thoughts per second in our minds but we can only comprehend about a fraction of a percent of it. What’s also funny is I have been also thinking about this thought during the first term of my college year in class.

The first term of the trimester went smoothly, but it also went really boring for all we talked about in class was how important communication is. Our professor has been going on enumerations of how important speaking is, how humans think and move their muscles while speaking, and at one point, out of all the classes I had in the term, this was the class that explained to me the different inside parts of the human ear… and it was a language class.

Although some of the topics were a bit vague and the rest of the lectures were a bit tedious, I did find something that made me think twice. Our professor made us rank speaking, listening, writing and reading in order of importance or what method can we get the most knowledge from.

In my personal experience, I’ve always found reading quite informative. Unlike listening, reading has been more official. People can lie while you listen, but no book has ever lied to me before, especially if it had a proper list of references.

Reading comes first before listening. Then, writing… then, speaking.

But as it turned out, listening took the credit for 40-50% of our knowledge. Speaking came second with 30%; Writing, 20%, and speaking with only 10%.

None of this came with a shock, but before our professor declared the true ranking, we were having a hot debate on why’s and how’s. It was pretty obvious that all of us had different perspectives on the issue, and most of us were really thinking it through.

Now, the question is: why are we having such a hard time trying to recognize what method of learning informs us the most? Why can’t we recognize the method that gives us an easier time instead of spending too much of our time learning through a method that happens to be 10%?

We have over a billion words that are going through our minds everyday, and we can only say a fraction of it with the time that we have. Part of our society stay quiet, but part of it tries to speak all the words until the limit is reached.

So much of our society were raised in the concept of having the freedom to speak. Some grow up to be arrogant and always want their way. People don’t give each other the satisfaction of being more outspoken than the other, they all keep climbing up to reach the point when their own point is fully pushed and nobody else can come up with a better justification.

Going back to our billion words, what if all of us had the capability to say whatever we want fully and rapidly?  Then, all of it will be nonsense and white noise.

War. Crime. Corruption. Poverty. Conflict. These are the children of the dreadful climb.

Listening is a much more comfortable and fruitful tool. By listening, we learn. By learning, we apply, we develop. We innovate.

Why can’t we just listen? Just a thought.


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