Case Studies

A girl’s catharsis from her murderer.

From the darkness, a girl emerges and walks down the street. She suddenly
stops for feeling that something is behind her, but she continues to walk,
now at a faster pace while looking back from time to time, going into a main
street and into a marketplace, where she encounters an entity that
manipulates her: her past, her spirit and her true intentions.

Music by The After-School Special. I do not own this song.
From the album “Lo-fi 5” by the UP Underground Music Community.

Lead – Theresa Isabel Matula
Extras – Marian Cortez-Estargo; Nisa Traya; Johniel

Director/DOP/Story – Robin Estargo
Production Design – Marian Cortez-Estargo; Brent Marion Estargo
1st Assistant Camera – Victor Christian Donceras
2nd Assistant Camera – Carlos Vince Gamueda
Costume Design – Theresa Isabel Matula
Production Assistant – Jann Daniel Medenilla
Editing – Robin Estargo

Case Studies by The After-School Special


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