LASA NG LAWA (Taste of the Lake)

Exposing pollution in Laguna de Bay. Continue reading “LASA NG LAWA (Taste of the Lake)”


Case Studies

A girl’s catharsis from her murderer.

From the darkness, a girl emerges and walks down the street. She suddenly
stops for feeling that something is behind her, but she continues to walk,
now at a faster pace while looking back from time to time, going into a main
street and into a marketplace, where she encounters an entity that
manipulates her: her past, her spirit and her true intentions. Continue reading “Case Studies”

Sunday Clothes

Sunday Clothes


This is the day when she died.

The morning of December rose as she fell,

And I literally smell the morning vapor.

Her breathing fainted just as the cold water went downhill.

The ground shook and I felt her crack.


That was when we had to lay her down,

Like a dress you just ironed.

A naked being, vulnerable and oppressed. Continue reading “Sunday Clothes”

Like A Man

Like A Man

 Why do you sound like that?; like what?; like a girl, it’s not good; lower your voice; lower; lower; lower; good, it sounds just like mine; as I told you, you do not shout unless you’re in a game or you’re in a fire; you don’t scream in high pitch, those are for homos; sit like a man; do not ever cross-leg and always sit up straight; stand straight as well when you’re walking in public and keep your hands to your pockets; let me see; why are your arms like that?; it looks like you’re holding a skirt; my elbows are deformed, they look like they’re holding a skirt but they’re just like that, sir; that’s not an excuse, you have to force yourself, and what’s with that voice again?; you speak to me like you are flirting with me, you only do that to girls; don’t treat them as your best friends, treat them as potential mates; remember to be shy when in front of them; only treat guys as you’re friends, like me; be in a group of boys in school; like them, you don’t talk in class, you’ll always be reckless in class but you have to keep your grades up; keep your grades up but don’t be an attention whore; don’t ever be a whore, like the ones you like; Continue reading “Like A Man”