The Words That Form but Never Come Out

The Words That Form but Never Come Out

It’s funny to think that we are coming up with a million thoughts per second in our minds but we can only comprehend about a fraction of a percent of it. What’s also funny is I have been also thinking about this thought during the first term of my college year in class. Continue reading “The Words That Form but Never Come Out”


Taking a break.

I had been posting frequently last April up to early May, but there came a day when I just felt like taking a break for a while… and now I’m back.

It is very hard for me to keep up on blogging and taking photos. I’ll be going to college soon and there are tons of stuff to do. Lots and lots of paperwork. Hopefully, when I’m in college this fall, I’ll be able to blog as much as possible. Right now, I’m in my home in the province and there is really nothing to do and explore here. I have been begging my mom for us to go to an interesting tourist spot. At least there, I can take a lot of photos, film the place, and share it with you.

I guess being alone in the summer and at home has its bad effects on your creativity, but it also has its pros. Continue reading “Taking a break.”